The Recruiter Tool Kit Series: Hiretual Review

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Welcome to The Recruiter Tool Kit Series, where we review the latest and greatest digital tools that will make any recruiter’s life easier. Learn more about the benefits and features of these tools and then store them in your own “toolbox” to build an amazing resource of help.

In this blog, we take a look and check out the features of Hiretual, a robust recruiting tool that allows you to search, find, and engage with candidate matches for your jobs. You can get the free Chrome extension here.

Hiretual is a sourcing solution that lets you discover talent ten times faster than other recruiting software and programs. As you create projects, build your pipeline, and find the strongest candidates, you can begin to communicate with people right in the platform and track their progress through your hiring process.

How Hiretual Works

Here are the features of Hiretual:

1. AI Sourcing – When searching for job candidates, you can add job titles and skills, and as their program learns more about you and your project, it suggests related titles and skills that you can use in your searches. Then you can designate location and years of experience.

Once a few initial candidates are found, you can tune the AI to bring back the results that fit best by rating each person as either a “good fit” or “not a fit.” Then with this feedback, your search can begin with the AI sourcing assistant who will look for new candidates. You can specify the number of candidates you’re interested in viewing as well. At any point, you can modify your search criteria and then search again.

According to their website, “Hiretual sources from 700M+ professional profiles across 30+ public platforms and the open web. We prioritize the best matches based on 100+ factors to ensure your top results are the best. Hiretual analyzes candidate profiles and provides insights on professional experience, expertise, availability, and market value.”

You can also create Boolean strings around specific jobs or even based on a candidate’s details making it much simpler to not only source but match candidates to jobs. They have a quick mode for fast searches and a smart mode for more detailed searches. Hiretual has over 30 websites to launch your searches in.

If you don’t use Boolean searches, you can also check out a few of their other tools: Cross Reference, Github Search, and Facebook Search just by typing in a few pieces of a candidate’s info or keywords for your searches.

2. Integrate web searches with the Chrome extension – You can also integrate your own web searches with Hiretual if you don’t want to use their searches. Once you install the extension, just click on it when you find a candidate and add them to your project along with any tags and notes. You can also find their email address(es), social profiles, skills, and other info.

As you build your pipeline and qualify your candidates by adding info and selecting if they’re a “good fit” or not, the AI tool learns more about what you’re looking for and continues to customize your searches each time you run them.

You can also add candidates to your own ATS or CRM from Hiretual, or add people to Hiretual from your ATS or CRM to enrich their data and track your engagement with them.

3. Easily manage your pipelines – Hiretual makes it very easy to keep track of all your candidates in one place.  As you add projects and people, they will show up on your dashboard.

You can also customize the stages of your hiring process as you move people through it.

This is also a collaboration tool where you can add your team members and easily share projects and candidate profiles back and forth with each other.

4. Engage with candidates – Hiretual makes it very easy to connect with potential job candidates by connecting to your Gmail or Outlook email address so that you can reach out and send emails and follow-ups. You can create templates as you take certain steps in your hiring process. As mentioned before, this tool allows you to find nearly anyone’s email address, phone number, and social links.

Hiretual also lets you automate follow-up emails and track open, click, and reply rates for individual emails and sequences. You can create template emails and follow-ups to make it even easier to send messages and keep people engaged. It even lets you schedule emails to send at a later date, and build a follow-up email sequence with up to five emails.

Hiretual has a free version to use or you can pay for the Pro version to get more features and capabilities. To understand how it works and see it in full use, you can also request a demo.

This tool makes it very easy to keep track of your projects and candidates all in one spot as well as keeping everyone engaged in the process. As the AI becomes smarter the more you use it, your searches become more custom and helpful when you’re trying to match people with jobs. We definitely recommend trying this one out!


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