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I first discovered Entelo way back in 2014 when we implemented it at Target Corporation. I was working with founder Jon Bischke who introduced and demonstrated the product for my sourcing team. Entelo: “Mines the entire internet to bring 100s of millions of candidate profiles in one place to give you a complete picture of a candidate’s skills and professional history. The software uses predictive analytics by identifying candidates who are more likely to change jobs.” I LOVED the concept and have been watching the product evolve over the years.


Entelo is equal to a comprehensive google search. Think of it this way: if a person/candidate has their information in the public domain, Entelo will find it and present it to you in an easy to use format.

Entelo also offers a decent amount of features which we’ll dive into below.


I’ve found Entelo works great for people who use social media and it’s best for sourcing software engineers, recruiters and people/candidates who have a large “social presence”. Entelo is a time saver but there’s been little that Entelo presents that I can’t find on my own. Don’t get me wrong, a time-saving software can be extremely valuable. The problem is LinkedIn has been making it more and more difficult to work with its software since in 2015 when LinkedIn takes aim at developers with plans to lock down most of its APIs. With that said, not 100% of what Entelo presents is accurate or current.

More about Entelo

From Entelo: a cloud-based human resources solution that offers predictive analytics and social media integration to help recruiting organizations find, qualify and engage with prospective hires.

Entelo’s search engine feature allows users to identify prospective hires with desired skills. Information from social networks and professional sites is aggregated within the system for each prospective employee. The search feature can also identify candidates based qualities such as gender, race or military experience to assist recruiters with building a talent pool.

Predictive analytics help to identify candidates who may be receptive to new opportunities and candidates with a higher likelihood of changing jobs. Data on current employee performance can be used to inform recruiting practices. Users can also schedule interviews, track recruits, automatically follow up and send messages in bulk via email.

Entelo provides integration with Jonvite, Jazz, greenhouse.io, Taleo, Workday, Smashfly and iCIMS. Support includes online help center, live chat, phone and email.

Candidate export
Diversity feature
Candidate profile
Candidate list

There’s even a mobile version of Entelo. It’s surprisingly good but let’s be honest, why not just use your laptop.


Other Features

Other nifty features of Entelo include a tool that predicts when a candidate would be open to new opportunities, gives suggestions as to the best way to reach out to candidates and also offers end to end automation like email tracking and the ability to save templates.


Entelo doesn’t want me to publish that information. Their pricing depends on the number of users, size of your enterprise and functionality. I can say it’s significantly cheaper than an annual LinkedIn recruiter seat.

Want to know more? Here’s a promotional video produced by Entelo that dives into the various functions and features.

Final Assessment

Entelo is a great product for almost all sourcing teams or any recruiter who spend time proactively engaging and sourcing talent. In my opinion, Its main value add is finding candidates or candidate information from other than LinkedIn and allowing you to solicit candidates different than your competition. Its moderate price tag will pay for itself with hire or two and will for sure save you time. It’s diversity function also will help you assess, sort and present a wider slate of candidates. It’s definitely one of the leading tools out there if you’re looking for a comprehensive boost in your strategic talent sourcing strategy.

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