The Recruiter Tool Kit Series: ZAPinfo Review

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Welcome back to The Recruiter Tool Kit Series, where we review the latest and greatest digital tools that will make any recruiter’s life easier. Learn more about the benefits and features of these tools and then store them in your own “toolbox” to build an amazing resource of help.

In this blog, we explore and test the features of ZAPinfo, a tool that helps recruiters find job candidate data, extract data and become more productive in their talent searches. You can download the free Chrome extension here.

Most recruiters don’t have time to waste trying to find candidate information when they are searching through job boards and other websites. ZAPinfo helps with the entire recruiting process. You can:

  • Quickly and easily look up any contact on any web page, most search engines, or social networks
  • Extract individual contacts or lists of multiple contacts on most search engines, social networks, job boards or anywhere you see contacts online
  • Find email addresses and social profile data for most contacts
  • Easily export your data to CSV files, your clipboard, or to PDF files for clean and full profiles of your contacts
  • Once you have contacts, you can simply transfer them into your web applications with 1-click, automatically filling forms and eliminating data entry
  • Send personalized text or messages with 1-click to avoid typing redundant messages on any web page

How ZAPinfo Works

1. Scraping contact info or lists from any website

This data scraping tool works on almost every website. You can be on a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) or job board (Indeed, Monster, Bullhorn) or search engine and create lists of candidates with their contact info, like name, email address, social media profiles, experience, and a lot more.

Once you install the Chrome extension, you’ll see the zap button on the side of the page and you just click it to extract all the info of your search.

You can extract info for lists of people or just one person.


As you’re searching for jobs online, you can also use their lookup selection tool. Just highlight any job title, right click on it, and you’ll see the ZAPinfo option that allows you to look it up on social media sites, job board sites, and people search sites.

2. Enrich contact info with email addresses, social profiles, and more

You’ll love this feature because it cuts down on the hours you would normally hunt for this info by having to click into each individual profile or search online. Once you have your list of contacts, you can find their personal and work email addresses, social media profiles/URLs, physical address, skills, experience, and a lot more info.

3. Easily transfer and share candidate data

Once you have your list of candidates and extracted all their personal info and data, you can easily transfer this data to your own ATS or CRM system. There’s no need to spend countless hours copying and pasting info when you can just transfer this info with one click.

You can also easily share candidates with colleagues or hiring companies. You can select the people you want to send and either create a spreadsheet or create individual PDF files.

4. Quickly reach out to potential job candidates

Within this tool, you can create messages to send them once you’re ready to begin your communication. Whether you want to email them, send a direct message on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn and send a message, you can do this through ZAPinfo.

To watch a short video tutorial on all these ZAPinfo features, check it out here.

ZAPinfo Plans

You can install the Chrome extension and sign up for a free account any time. However, it is very limited and certain features are not included, like email enrichment and social profiles. You only get 25 contacts, cannot bulk extract or harvest info, and cannot send personalized messages. To get most of the features, you have to upgrade.

The paid plans range from $25 per month to $60 per month, depending on your needs. You can request a live demo and play around with a free 1-week trial.

This data scraping tool truly cuts your time in half when searching and gathering potential talent information. The integration and all the features it offers makes it one of the best recruiter tools out there.


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