The Recruiter Tool Kit Series: SeekOut Review

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by Luke Doubler

Welcome to The Recruiter Tool Kit Series, where we review the latest and greatest digital tools that will make any recruiter’s life easier. Learn more about the benefits and features of these tools and then store them in your own “toolbox” to build an amazing resource of help.

In this blog, we explore and test the features of the free Chrome extension – SeekOut. You can find it in the Chrome store here. Then, you’ll need to sign up for a free account on their site.

If you’re a recruiter who struggles to organize candidates, create spreadsheets of your talent pool, or just needs a place to keep candidate contact information, then this tool will be a dream come true for you.

Please keep in mind that this tool is only for the Chrome browser and only works on Google and LinkedIn at this time. According to SeekOut’s website, they are working on integrating this tool with other sites, which are coming soon.

With SeekOut, you can:

  • Enhance Google searches when looking for job candidates
  • Save and organize candidate information you find on LinkedIn
  • Get verified candidate email addresses and social links
  • Export profile data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Get recommendations for new candidates

Enhance Your X-Ray Search Results

When creating x-ray searches on Google, you don’t have to waste time clicking through to each person’s profile anymore. The SeekOut extension automatically formats the search so that you see the person’s photo, name, title, background info, and top skills.

Basic search results used to look like this:

But with SeekOut, now looks like this:

As you scroll through people’s profiles and you’re unsure what a specific skill is, just click the gray box to get more info on that skill. To view their profile, just click the LinkedIn URL.

With this enhanced format, it’s much easier to review candidates without clicking into each and every profile one at a time. Now you can just click through to the candidates that you’re truly interested in learning more about.

In a matter of a few seconds or less from the time you run your x-ray search to when the page refreshes with SeekOut’s enhancements.

Easily Acquire Lists of Candidates from LinkedIn

When you’re searching candidates through LinkedIn (or Google), it’s nice to have a place you can store and organize these people. One of the great features of SeekOut is its organizational functionality. You can create projects and add candidates to those projects to keep everyone nice and tidy.

Once inside a project, there are so many things you can do for each profile:

  • Add tags
  • Add status
  • Add notes
  • Add comments
  • Review their background info
  • Get contact info

Other helpful functions include:

  • You can share projects with other colleagues if you’re working in a team.
  • Upload existing candidate spreadsheets to add more people to your projects
  • Export your list of candidates from a project into an Excel spreadsheet with detailed info
  • Use their AI Recommendations to find more similar candidates based on your project’s criteria
  • Search by keywords or Boolean

So how do you get people into projects? It’s very easy. Conduct your search on LinkedIn or Google and when you land on a person’s LinkedIn profile, just click the SeekOut icon to add them to a project or create a new one.

You can also get verified email addresses and other contact info, like social media profiles, links to their business websites, and their interests. You get 10 credits per month on the free plan. To get more free credits, simply share a social post within the extension – you’ll can get 10 additional free credits for each friend who signs up. If you’re still running out of credits you can upgrade to one of their paid subscriptions here.

Overall, this is a very helpful tool for recruiters. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate around and use. The organization is neat and clean, and there are a lot of functions to this tool that makes talent acquisition easier. We definitely recommend this one!


You can always contact their sales leader, Kelci Marx if you have questions.

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