Recruiters: A better way to take notes and interview candidates? Welcome, Evernote!

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Is this you when opening your candidate notes? Do you need a better way to keep things organized?

We started using Evernote and we love it! This handy tool can be perfect for recruiters /sourcers who do not have an ATS or CRM OR who are just generally disorganized or even lazy!

Evernote does many things. 1. Pulls LinkedIn profiles in as you interview candidates (with a LinkedIn premium account) 2. Has an easy to use interface that allows you to take notes. 3. Allows your notes to be searchable with tags and keywords 4. You can share and collaborate with your team on your notes. 5. There’s even a mobile version so you can actually interview and takes notes on your device. 6. A web clipper that allows instant download 7. document and PDF scanning. No more time-consuming copying and pasting!

Note Taking

Create a detailed organizational system or just use our powerful advanced search to find the notes you need by title, keywords, dates, or the kind of content they contain.

Search Functionality

Searching within Evernote: This is the part we LOVE! Evernote quickly retrieves notes that we’ve shared with clients about candidates, resumes, and client notes. Your files are easily searchable within Evernote. Quickly locate your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs.

Searching Outside of Evernote: Evernote’s WebClipper is a great way to snap notes from across the Web or as a tool to save your search strings quickly, it also links your browser to your Evernote. Related results are a feature of Evernote WebClipper that shows you content from your Evernote account right in your web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). When you perform a search, Evernote presents related notes alongside your search engine results.

It’s a quite affordable tool at $15.00 per month per user

Final recommendation: Evernote will save hours of work, and puts all of your recruiting notes and research at your fingertips. We highly recommend this application to take your recruiting game to the next level.

Here’s a great tutorial video that will take you through Evernote’s features and usability.


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