Email Outreach Strategy for Software Engineers

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Hello from RecruiterCentral! Ah, the outreach. The most basic part of what we do while sourcing for candidates. We want to share our ‘secret sauce’ with you by breaking down our outreach strategy.

RecruiterCentral - Email Outreach Strategy.

Email Outreach Strategy For Tech Talent

We’ve found that tech candidate, in general,l prefer an email over a call. In 2017 the tech market is very competitive and the best candidates are often receiving many messages per day. Be specific on why you’re reaching out. Include the technologies of your company, talk about the culture, and share any employment branded videos. Include a concise and compelling message in no more than 200 words. Here’s a quick overview of the do’s and don’ts for our email outreach strategy.

  • Google the candidate and find a personal email or other contact information.
  • A hyper personalized subject line.
  • Use the candidate’s name.
  • Create a hyper personalized opener.
  • End with a clear call to action.
  • Use specific examples of why you want to speak with them.
  • Compliment, but don’t be cheesy.
  • Include the technologies being used.
  • Use a clean email format.
  • Use an InMail only unless you have to. Tech response rates are notoriously low, often <5%.
  • Include the job description.
  • Mention the level of the role. Encourage your organization to be flexible on this.
  • Bring up compensation.
  • Ask for referrals up front.
  • Ask lots of questions. You want to make the decision process easy.

Subject: Darcy – Impressive Github Contributions! Open for Opportunities?

Hello Darcy,

I was viewing your Github page (include URL) and I’m specifically interested in your work on developing API’s in java. You have a very good reputation!

Software Company ABC is working on a similar project and we’d like to speak with you about building a java based application in-house in a very agile environment.

Would you be open to speaking this Friday at 4?

I look forward to connecting Darcy!

(Employment branded video)



Our outreach strategy mainly revolves around being super personal. The best way at standing out is by showing you’ve done your research on the prospective candidate, and by knowing what you’re talking about. It will be obvious to them if you haven’t, and they’ll ultimately pass over your email. If you’re looking for more tips about recruiting, here’s our sourcing strategy for events. Thanks for reading!


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