How to Hire & Retain Skilled Labor

There is a very serious, concerning trend happening in the blue-collar workplace: Baby Boomers are retiring, but the younger generations either lack the job skills to replace them or lack the interest to pursue these careers, resulting in a huge decline of...

Google Advanced Search for Recruiters

When sourcing job candidates, we’ve discussed using Instagram, browser extensions, and even specific web tools, such as Hiretual and Sourcible, but let us not forget to also incorporate the most popular “top dog” that’s available to everyone - Google. Yes, Google can...

How to Improve SEO on Your Job Postings

Recruiters are extremely busy people constantly wear various hats, and one of them being “marketer.” After all, you are technically marketing job openings to your target audience and then selling them on the position. Part of being a marketer is knowing how to...

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